Saturday, October 20, 2012

Molded Pieces with CI Paints

I've been having fun making clay pieces with the couple of molds I have, and I'm starting to color them with the Creative Inspirations Paint.  What a change the paint makes, and it goes on so easily! 

Here's a shot of a few batches I've done in the last few days:
The leaves here on the left are painted with Green Olive (and a plain one is beside it), the leaves to the right have Gold painted on them (again, a plain one to compare), and the chain of leaves is a mix of Green Olive and Sage:
This butterfly is painted with Blush and Pink Highlights over it, with a plain pink above it:
Here's a backing for a cameo.  You can see the original in white, and the painted one with the CI Paint Gold over it:
This butterfly shows a plain one and one painted with the Carmel:
Thanks so much for stopping by!


michelle hodges said...

Kimberly they are all so pretty!
Two minds think alike!
I just bought some modeling compound clay and I'm making a couple leaves to paint for Nov. I'm using cookie cutters for mine instead of molds because they did not have any molds big enough for the leaf size I wanted. I have not tried this in years. I was shopping for a leaf die cut but both store were out of them so this was the only other thing I thought of to make some leaf tags I could paint. Can't wait to see what all you do with all your painted pretty pieces!!

Davi said...

WOW Kimberly what fabulous embellies you are making!! I love them all but that leaf border and frame are ESPECIALLY gorgeous! Cant wait to see how you use them my friend :)

Anonymous said...

These look so amazing Kimberly!! :) I love the shimmer on these paints!! Thanks for sharing!! HUGS

Joan Ervin said...

You are working wonders with the paints...the painted clay pieces look beautiful!!!!

Shannon White said...

So fun Kimberly! Love the difference the paint made! Super shimmer! 8-)

Kristie said...

Oh these turned out fantastic!!! Love the carmel butterfly the best I think, so elegant!